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FABULA at Armani-Silos, Milan, Italy

FABULA at Armani-Silos, Milan, Italy

12 janvier 2018 - 24 mars 2019

Armani Silos

Via Bergognone, 40 - 20144 Milano Italie

In around twenty years Charles Fréger, French photographer, born in 1975, has created intense and idiosyncratic work, almost encyclopaedic in its scope.

The extensive body of photographs built up by the artist to date testifies to his inexorable quest to reach out to communities that are either sporting, military, festive or educational, to consider the individuals who are a part of them and to identify the links, rituals and practices that unite them. Charles Fréger is interested in the body and clothing of each of these groups as an ambivalent terrain, where the pose reveals a dreamed-of identity, where the clothing, albeit a uniform, sees its formality put to the test by flip adolescence. There, then, is the image he wants.

For a long time gathered under the generic title of Portraits photographiques et uniformes, the work initially proved to be the heir to a certain Nordic tradition. With the addition of performances and videos it has evolved to reach finally a fundamentally theatrical dimension, and is appreciably baroque in places.

Distancing himself from the portraits he had previously produced, Charles Fréger has been focusing for several years on the silhouette and its potential for expression. Faces and bodies gradually disappear, some hidden behind masks and make-up, others under costumes that gain in complexity and volume.

The Fabula exhibition retraces the key stages of this theatrical and symbolic shift in the form of a retrospective that puts together extracts from some twenty series produced between 1999 and 2018, in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.




02 février 2015

Waiting for the spring! Good time to introduce the « Bretonnes » series. The book will come out in May with Thames & Hudson for its English version (Titled: Portraits in lace: Breton women) and in French with Actes Sud. Four shows will start in June in Bretagne, with the Musée des Champs Libres in Rennes, the photographic center GwinZegal in Guingamp, the Musée Bigouden in Pont l’Abbé and the Musée d’art et d’histoire de Saint-Brieuc. The series will take place in the four very different contexts of these museums where anthropology, ethnography, history, fashion and photography will connect together around the images. More soon!



31 décembre 2014

How busy 2014 was!

In 2015, will come out the « BRETONNES » book with Actes Sud in French, and Thames & Hudson in English (« Portraits in Lace, Breton women »), simultaneously with the four Bretonnes shows in Bretagne. This series provides a different way to deal with the background and the historic iconography attached to the subject. « Bretonnes » deals with folklorism in this part of France (which is very much alive), and on a broader perspective is focused on the iconic representation of women in the early 20th century. About the other gender, WILDER MANN will be still shown in Italy and France, including a selection of new pictures made this year in England, Ireland and Italy.
And I’m going on with two photographic series in the East (Japan) and in the West (more soon) where Wildness and theatricality still hold a big part in the stories.

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