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11 June 2014 - 02 November 2014


Zuazua y Jardón S/N, Centro. - Monterrey Mexico



Wild birds in Louisiana

21 September 2014

The Mardi Gras Indians was shot in April 2014, in New Orleans, USA. This time, the question was to deal with the urban background,as minimal as possible. No landscape this time, to highlight the complexity of  the big chiefs, queens, spy boys and flag boys costumes. The project was to set up the portrait of each character in front of a colorful wall of the town, where the punchy colors of feathers would strongly match with these vertical backgrounds. This series is dedicated to Queen Kelly and Spy boy Doe from New Orleans.

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Working on the “BRETONNES” book

20 September 2014

Leo Favier, graphic designer with whom I worked for Wilder Mann, is designing with me the “Bretonnes” book (we have not yet decided on its English title). It will come out in May 2015, before the series of shows in the French Brittany area (Musée de Bretagne, Musée de Pont l’Abbé, Musée de St Brieuc and centre photographique Gwinzegal). French author Marie Darrieussecq wrote a delicious introduction to the book, and Yann Guesdon, specialist of traditional head dresses and breton customs is working on the endmatter texts. This will be a pretty romantic book, focused on the representation of women. The Bretonnes series, so far, has been published by National Geographic in April. More to come soon…

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