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07 December 2020 - 01 April 2021




FIF – Belo Horizonte’s International Festival of Photography is a biennial cultural initiative, which seeks to promote the dialogue among the photographic production from different countries, as well as to advance the encounter between photography and other means of creative expression.

The Festival, taking place in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, has the aim, for the duration of two months, turn the city into a meeting center for debates and reflections on the photographic production in Brazil and many parts of the world, through means of lectures, exhibitions, workshops, academic article presentations, projections, book shows and a Photographic Marathon.

Focused on the photographic universe associated with the research and the practices in the field of visual poetics, the Festival seeks to investigate creative processes which explore photography as a potential element of the poetic speech and its intersection with other media, for the production of knowledge.

The Festival international call received 1,745 entries – including photographs, videos, and feature films – from over seventy countries. About forty artists compose the exhibition with works that address ongoing and urgent issues and that bear a culture, a way of thinking and perceiving the world and the challenges they face. Among the themes raised by the works, there are the extermination of black youth in Brazil; the physical and symbolic marks – historically left by colonialism, which remain today; struggles in defense of gender diversity, socio-political and environmental emergencies, and the risks of an imminent collapse in a dystopian future. Through the most varied approaches, elaborated from different perspectives and contexts, there is a reality that is worth facing with resoluteness, imagination, and poetry, opening space for different ways of living and thought to coexist, meet and collaborate with one another.

The covid-19 pandemic led FIF to reinvent its routine, means of production, and connection with the public. In this scenario, FIF-BH 2020 exhibition takes place both online and on the streets, through posters pasted onto the walls of houses, institutions or establishments enrolled in the FIF EM CASA program. Registration was also open for those who wished to make a home installation. The registrants will receive a publication with works from the exhibition and must then return images from their private exhibitions to the festival. As Nego Bispo teaches us, it is necessary to re-edit the world from our own matrix and learn from each other that “every moment you start, you are in the middle and you start again”.



One year…

05 March 2021

Keep waiting. I keep walking.

Souvenir d’Alsace. On going project. Musée Alsacien. Strasbourg. France. 2021

Life is going on

26 February 2020

I was about to write, like as usual, that I have a show there, or something happening there… The necessity to keep constantly awake, to show that things are going on, as always. Twenty years ago, I was doing these portraits for the MAJORETTES series, WATER-POLO, NOTRE DAME and I was starting my LEGIONNAIRES series. And since that, I’ve kept myself busy and running, always running, to finally tell that now, I’m still going on.

So the man is walking, don’t worry.

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