These were the first masked faces to find their way into the corpus. They are penitents from Holy Week in Seville, parading with their heads covered by a pointed velvet cowl with slits for the eyes. There are two fraternities here: the first were photographed, against a black background, inside a church; the second were photographed, against a white background, on the square in front of another church. Some of them hold on to their cowls to prevent them from slipping, revealing, when they are not wearing gloves, the bare hands of young men and women. These are young penitents then, wearing blue, green or violet cowls, which are often stained with white spots. The white is hot wax from the large candle which they have to carry in the processions; it accumulates on their gloves and sometimes find its way onto the velvet of their cowl. In the course of the procession those drops of wax become a compact mass enveloping the hand in a glove of wax that the penitent keeps as a souvenir.
In 2014, Charles Fréger returned to Andalusia and a religious theme for the series Simpecado, which is devoted to the El Rocio pilgrimage.