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CIMARRON in Chambéry, France

CIMARRON in Chambéry, France

07 January 2021 - 30 April 2021

Espace Malraux, Scene Nationale

Place du Manège - 73000 Chambery France

The exhibition is currently only open to students of schools, colleges and high schools. This until the general reopening of museums, art centers, theaters and cultural spaces decided by the French government.
The dates of the exhibition will change according to government announcements.


One year…

05 March 2021

Keep waiting. I keep walking.

Souvenir d’Alsace. On going project. Musée Alsacien. Strasbourg. France. 2021

Life is going on

26 February 2020

I was about to write, like as usual, that I have a show there, or something happening there… The necessity to keep constantly awake, to show that things are going on, as always. Twenty years ago, I was doing these portraits for the MAJORETTES series, WATER-POLO, NOTRE DAME and I was starting my LEGIONNAIRES series. And since that, I’ve kept myself busy and running, always running, to finally tell that now, I’m still going on.

So the man is walking, don’t worry.

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