Indian school for girls

Ramgarh, in the Jarkhand region. Charles Fréger is making a series of portraits in a school for girls.
It is a delicate work that he carries out here, all these young girls, aged 13 to 16, wear the same sari and adopt the same posture, frontal, the bust sometimes slightly turned, the arms along the body. Their faces are girded by two long braids that are pulled up and tied on their heads. The colors are soft, as are the serene expressions. In Africa, in Asia, often during his travels, the photographer visits schools, observing the physiognomies, the attitudes and the uniforms, he who began his body of work with the portrait of youth, when he himself was a young adult. With this series, made in 2010, ten years after Glögg or Notre Dame, the photographer now feels a hiatus between the teenager and himself, and must recognize that the relationship is now definitely changed. The age difference with these teenagers is no longer minimal as it was at the beginning, he will no longer share this piece of territory with them, this fund of tacit connivance, he has passed to the other side, that of the world of adults and, himself having become a father, to the world of parents.