Back from Guiana

Back from Guyane. I’ve been very impressed by the BOBI, an authentic character of the Creole Carnival of Cayenne, South America. It’s the mythological evolution of a bear, coming straight from Europe, and its interpretation comes with a lot of fantasy. Indeed, the visual vocabulary of this elegant bobi is a mix of a bear , an elephant, or maybe a Dasypodidae (Armadillo). It’s anyway a similar figure as we can meet in Europe in our winter traditions. And in French Guiana, the symbol of the bobi may have another layer, coming from the colonial past of this French region of slavery. The BOBI, out of control, refuses the orders of his master and tries to escape. Originally, the Carnival was the exclusive right of the colonizers. Then, the slaves started their own clandestine masquerade. The BOBI is one of these funny figures which also has do to with the quest of freedom. And that’s a good point.

Soon, the Bretonnes shows…

Soon the BRETONNES on the walls. Already three shows produced and the book on its way to be delivered in time, in may. You’d be lucky enough to find the first copies available, French or English in the end of may. Until that, the four museums showing the series are working actively on this event which is for the first time a collaboration of these four institutions. Discovering the Bretonnes series in its big sizes is really an achievement. For this series, the particular aspect of these photographs, coming from the particular background, and a short dept of field, connects the whole series to the pictorialism of Alfred Stieglitz’s Camera Obscura. For sure, this work used the rich iconography of Nabis painters, Breton postcards, and various archetypes from a mythological Bretagne.


Waiting for the spring! Good time to introduce the “Bretonnes” series. The book will come out in May with Thames & Hudson for its English version (Titled: Portraits in lace: Breton women) and in French with Actes Sud. Four shows will start in June in Bretagne, with the Musée des Champs Libres in Rennes, the photographic center GwinZegal in Guingamp, the Musée Bigouden in Pont l’Abbé and the Musée d’art et d’histoire de Saint-Brieuc. The series will take place in the four very different contexts of these museums where anthropology, ethnography, history, fashion and photography will connect together around the images. More soon!


How busy 2014 was!

In 2015, will come out the “BRETONNES” book with Actes Sud in French, and Thames & Hudson in English (“Portraits in Lace, Breton women”), simultaneously with the four Bretonnes shows in Bretagne. This series provides a different way to deal with the background and the historic iconography attached to the subject. “Bretonnes” deals with folklorism in this part of France (which is very much alive), and on a broader perspective is focused on the iconic representation of women in the early 20th century. About the other gender, WILDER MANN will be still shown in Italy and France, including a selection of new pictures made this year in England, Ireland and Italy.
And I’m going on with two photographic series in the East (Japan) and in the West (more soon) where Wildness and theatricality still hold a big part in the stories.

There are still some WILDER MANN around…

There are still some WILDER MANN around… and I keep meeting them. These are some great moments of joy. This is the making off from the meeting with the Bear of the Comune di Jelsi.
This year, I’ve worked in England, Ireland, Italy. I’ll meet more groups in 2015, a bit further…

More images

“Stealing Beauty” in Sunday Telegraph

“Stealing Beauty”, my last fashion series published in the Sunday Telegraph, London. Stylist: Daniela Agnelli, Make-up: Regina Törnwall – Make Up Artist Models: @Alexandra Rudakova and Camille Dugast , Silent Models New York. Photographed at the hotel regina paris
White gold necklace with opal, tourmaline, sapphire and diamonds, Emeraude en Majesté necklace in white gold and platinum with round, square-cut, baguette-cut, half-moon-cut and pear-shaped diamonds, and round, oval-cut and emerald-cut emeralds…


he ASAFO photographic series is now online. It was made this year in Togo, west Africa, with this traditional group of mercenary men, celebrating their voodoo ritual. In this very theatrical series, each member of this society is performing a character, like an actor. Connecting once again with the WILDER MANN series, ASAFO is the fourth series of Charles Fréger made in Africa, after HEREROS and HIMBAS (Namibia), UMWANA (Rwanda) and OUTREMER (Djibouti)
This series will be exhibited at Paris Photo fair from Nov 12 to 17, at the Grand Palais, with Kicken Berlin gallery (c23).

Fashion series with Modern Weekly China

You may like to see this fashion series made for Modern Weekly, in China, with the stylist Nicke Bildstein Zaar . The series contains a selection of fashion characters dressed in Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dries Van Noten, Givenchy, Lacoste, Christophe Lemaire, AIGLE, Maison Martin Margiela, Alexander McQueen, Hermès… A combination inspired by the wildness of the Wilder Mann series.
The accumulation of layers and materials (fur, latex, wool, leather…), bringing us back to the invention of writing and surviving in the cavern of our prehistorian time… Models: Pierre-adrien Dracon, Simon Roberts, Tomasso (Tomorrow Is Another Day).