Publisher : Actes Sud in France, Thames&Hudson in England, Peliti associati in Italy, Seigensha in Japan

Price : 34 € in France, 24,95 £ in England, 40 $ in USA, 3800 Y in Japan

Date of publication : June 2016

ISBN: 978-06500-54459-4 (YOKAINOSHIMA, Island of Monsters) Thames&Hudson
ISBN : 9780500517994 (YOKAINOSHIMA, célébration d’un bestiaire Japon) Actes Sud
ISBN: 978-4-86152-529-2 (YOKAI NO SHIMA) Seigensha
ISBN: 9788889412718 (YOKAINOSHIMA Rituali di maschere giapponesi) Peliti associati

Text by Ryoko Sekigushi (introduction), graphic design by Leo Favier, Graphic figures by GOLDEN COSMOS, Caption and descriptions by Akihiro Hatanaka, essay by Toshiharu Ito