Pop magazine

It will certainly be the time to update some news on my site. I’m just late… Was travelling a lot these last 6 months and did not find the energy to do it, neither to organize it. This is one of the pictures from the fashion series I did in December for POP magazine, London. This time, I asked to work with 14 models, and manage for each of them a certain space. This series had to do with Work. This model, Jenny Sinkaberg, is certainly the one I connect to my personal work. I photographed her already for ANOTHER magazine last year. She takes me back to my Winner face series and has this capacity to twist herself for my projects. Fashion became one of the my playful square. After a few years, I found my way… I take it a aculpural project mixed with a portrait research and the wish to reach a perfect attitude. The choice of the environement is fundamental, far from the studio vibe. To me, shooting fashion is like doing a funny puzzle, or playing lego.

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