Life is busy, as usual

With several new series, mainly commissioned which take me on different territories that I already explored like this project for the New-York times magazine, coming out this week, showing a set of portraits of the next generation of American soccer player. I photographed in Dallas and Salt Lake city, in USA, Oslo and (near) Amsterdam, in Europe. A very good experience to get further with portraits in a very tight schedule. I discovered my attitude with portrait more “elegant” than I would have done it a few years ago. It’s strange to admit that, but I sometime get a few instincts from fashion maybe… like if there would be a “style” involved. Usually, I thinkI would have been more radical and still, it’s just the same work, I’m sure. I’m just not 25 years old anymore. In my first book (Portraits photographiques et uniformes”, talking about the Notre dame series, Philippe Arbaizar wrote that somehow, the empathy in my work was probably coming from my age. I was 25 and my models were around 18-20… I was often the age of the persons I photographed. Now, there’s a difference, and I can feel it. The relation is different and also give me the capacity to photograph another generation… older than me.