It’s been more than ten years now

I met Estelle and Helene for the first time when they were 9 years old, in a School of Ballet. And since that, I’ve been doing their portraits, always in that way, season after season. Strange to discover after a few years that they were automatically standing always Estelle on the left and Helene on the right. Only once, they exchanged. They were 13. This series is not finished yet, and I still don’t know what will be its issue. I have no plane for this. It’s my vanité… It deals with our time going on so fast, our energy consuming and everytime I meet Estelle and Helene for a new portrait, it’s like a break, a moment to think about what I’ve been doing. It’s more a ritual than anything else. Ritual and photography go together like twins, I woudl say. Estelle and Helene will be 20 this year and I hope they’ll invite me for their birthday this summer, if I’m not too old.