Back from New Zealand

Manawatu area, I stayed 12 days in a Maori college for boys. From 12 to 17 years old, these kids receive a strong maori education to become Maori leaders. They learn Haka, play rugby, pray the god in maori. Their “short school Haka” is the subject of my last research their. We’re all used to see the famous “Ka mate” Haka of the All Black (without really knowing its meaning and its controversial use my the All blacks). The Haka is not only a war dance, it’s also a ritual for every important moment of the maori life. And the “Short school” Haka of the Hato Paora school is telling about their wish to make it good: “Eke, eke hara mai te toki.Tena hui e, tena hui e” (Let us rise, let us grow, and be passionate). The “Short school Haka” series will be shown at the Museum of contemporary Art of Wien (Kunsthalle) from the 3rd of July.