No, I’m not dead

I just transformed myself for a little while. This is from a studio session in Shanghai after I went to the Nang Jing Opera. Here’s my LU QIAN REN costume, the one designed last year with the same purple-black-white-yellow and silver of the guard uniform. The LU QIAN REN performance, also titled “the purple bridge”, is a combination of 7 poses made in a sort of choreography. This will take place in different exhibitions during the next two years, in Tapei, Beijing and Shanghai… The “Gardes” performance and the “Purple bridge” are like a pair…dealing with a similar attitude and this unbreakable wish to get into the circle. This performance project is really going together with my photographic work now but its organization is quite different. I need to work with a team, someone to film, someone to photograph, a choregrapher, a close collaboration with tailors and specialists… This picture has been made with the assistance of Rosa Chen, photographer based in Shanghai and retouched in the very traditional style of the Chinese Cosplayer “The Hope”… I will be back in China this year for the perfomance and also a workshop at the Academy of Art of Hanghzou… Back to my pure photographic projects too… I’ll travelling next month for a new project.