Portraits photographiques et uniformes

I started my “Portraits photographiques et uniformes” in 1998, in my hometown when a ship from the French navy stopped here for a week-end, in the port of Rouen. I went to talk with the captain and asked for the permission to do the portrait of the crew. Then, I started. My first portraits looking like what I’m still doing are from January 1999, with the first series about the synchronize ice skatters (not the “Steps” series, another one), my first “majorettes”, some football supporters, some student of military academies, these mormonts… I decided to work this year on a new selection of the entire body of my “Portraits photographiques et uniformes”. I will scan my selection again (most of the scanned files on this website are really bad in colors and details). The idea is to take some time to watch my images from a different angle to define a global selection. This would be the base for an exhibition involving all my series from 1999 till now… from the plumes of my first majorettes, to the plumes of my brazilian fantasias series.