The portfolio keeps being for me the most appropriated way to show my photographic work. The idea of showing different series, (sometime, 12 or 14 series in the same room) makes more sense than sometime being able to show only one set of images. My work has definitively to do with this accumulation of portraits. In 2009, I’ve also had the chance to push the experimentation in my exhibition by showing in the same place some portfolios (20 x 25 cm) and 3 others different size of images (till 120 x 150 cm) . The result is more efficient, with certain images shown as icons in the middle of the series. The feeling of the individual identity in the group is clearly pushed in that way. This picture is from the show at the Atelier Devisu in Marseille. It’s also important to show the box of the portfolio and the title pages in the exhibition. It really means that the images are supposed to stay together and come from a portfolio.