My Vis voluntatis project

These three images are dealing with my Vis voluntatis project. The two scenes almost happened at the same time… in Brazil and in China. I’m now organizing the two chapters of Vis voluntatis, with the creation of two prototypes of costumes. The first costume project is a “destaque” (the most important fantasias of the Brazilian carnival). I will take part of the carnival in Poços de Caldas with my own “destaque”. The second costume is the prototype for a character which could take part of the Chinese Opera. I’m collaborating with Frank Fan, an ex-actor of the Opera of Shanghai helping me to create a choreography of 49 Chinese soldiers wearing this costume. Without really expecting it, the performance became one of the mediums I’m now using combined with my photographic research. It’s definitively a way to push further, to get myself into this “wish to be” which ‘s been always fascinated me in all the communities. And the interaction with these communities get stronger and stronger.