Professor Wang

Professor Wang, specialist of the “limited division” make up is painting my face, with that pink man face. It’s actually the make up which somehow stick to myself. I’ve spent one week with Professor Gia and Professor Wang, painted everyday… all together 26 characters landed on my face, on my one… it was chaotic of course, a kind of game between my identity of this complexe community. I’ve made that decision of walking that line, to interact with the communities I photograph much more; Cause, yes, there’s the “Opera” series picture made with the Chinese Opera too. And it could have been enough. But I felt I wanted to push it further. I did, pushing myself in sometime a ridiculous situation… me dressed like chinese opera women…an elephant in a porcelaine shop! And now, I’m starting a third chapter with the chinese opera, more based on the concept of happening. VIS VOLUNTATIS, EO SOLUS INTRA CIRCULUM. This motto is now mine. Desire, I get alone into the cercle. The field of photography is not enough for me now, not at all.