Three lectures in Japan this month

One at the Osaka School of Art and Photography and two in Kyoto (Kyoto University of Art and Design). It was good to discuss like that. The last talk during a Symposium about Contemporary photography organized by Mr Goto (Editor and Art Critic well known for his impressive work onPhotography and Contemporary Art and his collaboration with Ruichi Sakamoto. My talk was a discussion with the great Photo my friend critic Mariko Takeuchi and Mr Goto. The conclusion of this meeting was dealing with some question around my experience about portraits and this idea of getting inside different particular uniform groups… and the idea that finally, the new step going on with my research was: Do I wish to be part of one of these groups? Do I have a desire toward such these groups? And the symbolic concept of beeing in the middle of the cercle of a sumo beya in Japan was showing clearly that my work is also about the desir of getting inside the group, deeper, to take part of it…Maybe after portraiting all these people, as an “encyclopedie”, an accumulation, I somehow start to become who I’m photographying: “Watashi wa Rikishi ni Naritaï des”… I WANT TO BE A SUMO WRESTLER… I wish it.