Namahage_Oga_Charles FREGER_2013

Namahage Oga

Back from Akita, Japan. I had to do this a year ago, but my accident slowed me down and we could finally do it this year. I’m now starting a short research (Short, I mean, not with as many images as Wilder Mann) Read more…

Cheerleaders LACOSTE Charles FREGER

Cheerleaders Lacoste

2012 has been a strange year. It almost started with a POC workshop in Deauville where I was showing my Wilder Mann book project to the European POC members. Everything happened so quick. Read more…

Bal de l_X_ Charles FREGER 2012

Le Bal de l’X

16th of march 2012, at the Opera Garnier in Paris, I was doing a series about the famous French ball, “Le Bal de l’X”, ball of the Ecole Polytechnique. Young men are called “X”, and their partners from the school are the “Xette”. Read more…

CDG Aircraft carrier Freger

Charles De Gaulle Aircraft carrier

One month ago on the Charles De Gaulle Aircraft carrier. Next step of the Outremer project will probably be Nouvelle Caledonie Island where I’ll photograph more sailors, all around the question of exotism in the context Read more…


If you read Italian, you may like this article about Wilder Mann

Io Donna

Wilder Mann book ready!!!

You can find the Wilder Mann book in four languages. The French version is published by Thames&Hudson and distributed by Volumen. The English one is made by Dewi Lewis publisher. The Italian version is made by Peliti associati and the German one is made by Kehrer. The book is well finished with a beautiful work on the printing and the choice of the paper. Go and get it!